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Online random number generator for AVR microcontroller

This is an online random number generator for an AVR microcontroller, you can use it to include some randomness in your project.

guaranteed random numbers
When using these static random numbers in more than one AVR controller, they all got the same random numbers, however all oscillators differ somewhat in speed over time and thus multiple AVR controllers using the same random number table do really seem random. The effect is the biggest when using the internal RC oscillator because from AVR to AVR the speed differs the most. Continue reading

Random timer circuit using a Attiny24A

This random timer circuit is based on a Atmel ATTINY24 avr driving one power relay. You can use this circuit to switch on and off other circuits randomly. For example, when using this circuit on a model railroad you can turn on and off parts of the animated or moving scenery to create a more dynamic view.

attiny24 random timer circuit prototype

This circuit was designed to be used on a modular model railroad. This model railroad contains different flashing light on ambulances, police cars and fire engines. These lights are on all the time, with this circuit I hope to keep visitors of a model railroad exposition more interested while watching all the action. Continue reading