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Online random number generator for AVR microcontroller

This is an online random number generator for an AVR microcontroller, you can use it to include some randomness in your project.

guaranteed random numbers
When using these static random numbers in more than one AVR controller, they all got the same random numbers, however all oscillators differ somewhat in speed over time and thus multiple AVR controllers using the same random number table do really seem random. The effect is the biggest when using the internal RC oscillator because from AVR to AVR the speed differs the most. Continue reading

7-segment led clock building progress

I made some progress with building my led clock.  In the video you can see 80 74hc595 shift registers driving 80 7 segment led displays. The bottom row works, but has no data yet to display. You can see: unix timestamp, day of week, weeknumber, date, new earth time, swatch internet time, hexadecimal time, French revolution decimal time, approximate local solar time and local time.

7 segment led disply with 74hc595

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