DB25F breakout board

This DB25F breakout board has been made to solve a simple problem. To connect different modules in a modular model railroad.

finished db25f breakout board

The schematic for this d-subminiature female board is very simple:

After making a printed circuit board design and having them made by a board house, they turn out to be very compact:

Of course you can use this breakout board for different purposes. Besides using it for connecting different modules in your model train layout, you can use it to connect stepper motors or some module in your robotics project.

The board is designed for pcb solderable DB25F connectors with extra support. The extra support makes it sturdy and has the possibility to use the screws (screwlock) on a mating male connector. Connectors with screws are a good idea because this breakout board is typically mounted upside down. Connectors without screws will disconnect eventually because of the vibrations caused by the model trains.

After joining the pcb and the parts in a chemical process called soldering the finished board looks like this:

The boards are typically used in pairs connected by a custom cable with 25 pin DB connectors. The custom cable is handy for cases when extra current is needed to go through the breakout board is contrast to using a standard computer cable. The standard 1:1 male-male cables you can buy in your computer store contain very small copper cables. The small cables are fine for switching low-current signals like switching a H0 turnout motor or light up some leds in a signal of switchboard. The custom cable is needed for feeding large parts of your track.

Maybe such a board as this can solve some of the problems involved in distributing all the signals and power in a modules model railroad. Of course the connector is not limited to a DB25, with a little redesign you can use d-subminiature connectors with 5, 15, 37 or even 50 pins.

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  1. Werner Wagner

    Hi, that’s great. Exactly for the same purpose I’ll need 20 of them.
    Is it possible to order them? I’m in Germany.
    best wishes, Werner


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